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How many kinds of installation’s way in hotel ?

How many kinds of installation’s way in hotel ?

There are 3 mainly installation methods in hotel .

■    Mounted inside wall 

LED screen Mounted inside wall means installed in the middle of the stage. On both sides of the stage is KT board, spray painting or cloth curtain gauze adornment, which just let peoples see picture only. This kind of LED screen is usually installed in hotels. Attendant lighting up the LED screen, customers can see the video quality  before they booking a hotel, and most of the hotel’s models are P3 P4, even P5 . 
■    Combined type installation 

The main LED screen installed in the center of the center, two small screens installed on both sides, forming a stage background with integral design. The video visual is great, when screen play the video. When the wedding started, the main screen is used to broadcast the wedding, and the two side screens can play gorgeous video.

Lots companies usually use this Type screens for Annual meeting.
■    A huge Led screen for conference 

The background of the whole stage is a huge LED screen, all the logo, images and pictures are displayed through this large LED screen, the guests can see 360 °no corner of the LED screen.

Many companies used it for product’s conference.

Post time: Mar-24-2021