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P3 UHD Indoor LED Video Wall

P3 UHD Indoor LED Video Wall

Short Description:

  • Product Type: P3
  • Material: Die-casting Aluminium
  • Applications: Audio Visual
  • Features: Lightweight
  • Size: 576*576MM

p2/p3 Small pitch LED Display

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P3 UHD Indoor LED Video Wall

As the fast developing of the economy, people concerns more on enriching their spiritual life, small TV and LCD can’t meet their needs anymore. Many entertainments activities and events is organized everyday, such as DJ clubs, parties, concerts, conference meeting events. A big rental led display makes the whole activies and events shining with its uniform color vivid video effect, high brightness, broad viewing face and perspective, live broadcast available characteristics. MPLED focus on providing high quality indoor/outdoor rental led display from P3 to P10  for customers in media & entertainment industries, have done many successful projects all over the world.

·Product Features

1. To show vivid and clear pictures with high resolution.

2. Good uniformity in color solve the problem of mosaic well.

3. Advanced technology of production ensure the quality and lifetime of LED video wall.

4. The LED video wall adopt popular video playing software to facilitate system operations.

5. Easy for maintenance, and can fix the single point to save the maintenance cost.

6. Has good display effect in both pictures and letters because of using real pixel technology
With super bright LED lamps and high-quality plastic shell.

Easy to install and disassemble

Single lamp maintenance

Driving LED with constant current mode, uniform illumination, and low power consumption

The pixel pitch is 3mm, which has 64*64 pixels. Each pixel consists of 1R1G1B.

P3 full-color LED electronic programmable LED screens are available in a variety of shapes: rectangular, square, curved, round and other custom designs.

P3 full-color LED electronic screen can support synchronous control cards and asynchronous control cards at the same time; even in the case of control computer failure, it can still display normally.

Installation of steel structure frame: indoor P3 LED full-color display is a light steel frame, chemical rivet bolt rivet steel plate is used as a support structure in the corresponding beam and column part, and the display steel frame is connected with rivet fixed steel plate.

P3 LED indoor full-color screen system works stably and reliably, has the strong anti-interference ability, and works continuously for more than 72 hours. The control system software operation interface is user-friendly and easy to operate.

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