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EachinLED Stage LED Display

EachinLED Stage LED Display

1, EachinLED Stage LED Display description
EachinLED stage LED display has been normal after a series of great time:university student meeting and meeting.It bring the audience the viewing banquet when we use the stage LED display for the background.

EachinLED Stage LED Display

EachinLED Stage LED Display

2, EachinLED Stage LED Display advantage
1. EachinLED stage LED screen can be used for the living broadcast.No matter where you sit,you can have a good feel of the meeting.
2. Close-up shoot combine with the scene background,which made you intoxicate.
3. Good audio and video effect would leave you a great memory.

3, EachinLED Stage LED Display characteristics
The features of EachinLED stage background LED display:
★Higher resolution bring you a high digit picture
★High refresh rate and high gray,EachinLED stage LED display have more realistic video,it can avoid the flicking when you take a video and meet the requirement of commercial situation.
★ EachinLED stage LED screen have the brightness sense control system,it can be adjusted according to the brightness of environment,it can save the cost of the operation,and make audience more comfortable with the suitable brightness
★ Brightness and color can be corrected dot by dot
★ High quality of flight level connector,power and signal plug and pin is high stability and durable,and if there’s problem,you just need to replace the broken part,as all the part is compatible.
★ 65mm thickness and CNC processed die casting aluminum cabinet,seamless and easy installed and dismantled
★ fast locker and hanging pillar would be helpful to be the seamless cabinet connection
★ Power saving: EachinLED solution would save 1/3 more power for you.
★ Video processor can help you to deal with all kinds of the input signal
★ Flight case for the package,easy to move and delivery.
★ P10 outdoor die casting aluminum LED display can be used for outdoor.
★ We’ll provide you the professional EachinLED stage LED display solution

4, EachinLED Stage LED Display solutions
EachinLED stage LED screen can be cut into a series of screens to broadcast, the stage LED display can be single,combined,used with any combination of play-related background,you can edit the program by the software:all the effect type you can choose,it is just like using a computer to made a PPT file.With the professional video processor,we can display all the input signal,it made your stage more attractive and leave the audience the viewing banquet.



5, EachinLED Stage LED Display application
Indoor and outdoor rental LED display for stage background,concert,theatre,cinema,opera house,hotel,hall,multifunction hall,meeting room,entertainment place,disco club,night club, karaoke hall etc.

6, EachinLED Stage LED Display case


Post time: Mar-26-2021