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Raw material price is increasing and will go on

Raw material price is increasing and will go on

Recently, Fujian wood Linsen lighting, East into Hongye, Morgan Electronics, Hai Le Electronics and many other PCB enterprises release PCB board prices notice, almost all increase 10%.

Raw material price is increasing and will go on

In early July, Shandong Jinbao, Kingboard, Mingkang, Weili state, Jin Anguo and several other companies have issued copper, CCL and other price increases notice, the price increase for the copper foil per ton of 1000-2000 RMB,lined board increase 10RMB/pcs, insulation glass ccl raised 5RMB/pcs, sheet metal raised 5RMB/pcs.

In the price notice, the plate, labor, chemical and other costs have become the three factors of this price increase. In fact, the price increase is an important factor in the relationship between supply and demand changes. The popularity of electronic products and upgrading of the terminal market demand increased, the downstream small pitch LED market boom continued upward, driven by multi-layer PCB board demand.

Some accessories of LED display, such as PCB board, cabinets, etc., the production process will cause relatively large pollution, does not meet the national environmental requirements, had to rectification and industrial upgrading, which indirectly improve the cost of these accessories.
Raw material prices is the wind into the night, as early as last year, some accessories began to raise prices. While the state has been on the supply side of the reform, is committed to improving the level of profits of industrial enterprises. This means that prices will continue. For the terminal, this is a bad news.

The price may also have a driver IC. According to industry sources, the current Epistar in the supply of tension. Small pitch is flourishing, strong market demand is not only brought orders and profits, there are a steady stream of raw material pressure.

Insiders predict that the status quo of supply and demand will continue until next year, which means that a short period of time prices or will continue.


Post time: Mar-26-2021