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P0.9 P1.25 Indoor LED Wall Screen

P0.9 P1.25 Indoor LED Wall Screen

Short Description:

  • Product Type: P0.9
  • Material: Die-casting Aluminium
  • Applications: Conference Room
  • Features: Lightweight
  • Size: 600*337.5mm

P0.9 Indoor HD Event Rental LED Screen For Conferences       P0.9 Indoor HD LED Event Display P0.9 Indoor Event Rental LED Screen ItemsParameter Pixel

Product Detail

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P0.9 Indoor LED Wall Screen


Products Feature:

Artistic cabinet design
The concise cabinet design make the back side of screen more clean and clear With Good Heat Out.
Full Front Maintenance
LED modules, power supply, receiver card, hub card, cables are all front service.
Ultra thin
No noise
Good heat dissipation

Super light

The cabinet weight is 40% lighter than traditional iron cabinets,which greatly saves costs

Corner guard
Protect the four corners of the module and cabinets

Front maintenance
Use money to maintain the suction cup tool and suck the module (install the iron sheet on the back of the module)

Die-casting aluminum material cabinets has high strength, more stable and difficult to deformation than magnesium alloy materials, so that the high precision of the cabinets can be guaranteed.

Nirvana Series product own ultrathin module design controlling thickness at 38mm without plastic bottom case , meanwhile realize the weight of cabinet at 6kg. which is the greatest choice in convenience.

Supports gap adjustment to achieve zero seam, the flatness of one single module can be adjusted
Golden Ratio 16:9

According to ergonomic design, the ratio of cabinet is 16:9, and the standard resolution of point-to-point 2K/4K/8K can be displayed

Supports HDR with Low Brightness & High Gray Scale

The details of low brightness are outstanding, and it has high gray scale performance in 100CD

Full Front Maintenance
More convenient front maintenance and more space saved

Totally Wall-mounted
Cabinet thickness: 43mm totally wall-mounted to save space

Redundant Power and Signal
Redundant power and signal for 0 black screen, stable and reliable
If you’re wondering what a fine pixel pitch LED display is, then isn’t unusual or too different from a common LED screen. The whole idea of a fine pixel pitch LED display is that it comes with extra and advanced settings. This includes a combination of an LED display system, a high-definition display control system, a cooling system, and a pixel-control point technology. All this serves in making such small pixel pitch LED display to be more advanced and updated from of LED screen; mainly due to its performance.

Moreover, these screens let you set the pixel pitch brightness, color, and uniformity according to the content outlook you require. So in short, you get more control of the pixels when you invest in a pixel pitch LED display.

 Technical Details

Nirvana Series 16:9 LED Screen Specification
Item Nirvana Series Nirvana Series Nirvana Series Nirvana Series
Pixe Pictch 0.9375mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.875mm
Scan Mode 1/30 Scan 1/64 Scan 1/32 Scan 1/32 Scan
Pixe Per Sq.m 1,137,777 Pixel 640,000 Pixel 409,600 Pixel 284,444Pixel
Cabinet Resolution 640*360 480*270 384*216 320*180
Led encapsulation SMD/COB SMD1010 SMD1212 SMD1515
Maintenance methods Front Serviceable
Optional Back-up Power Supply & Receiving Card
Cabinet Material Die Casting Aluminum
Module Size(W*H) 300*168.75mm
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 600*337.5*38mm
Refresh Rate 3840hz
Color temperature 10000K ±500(Adjustable)
Grey Scale 16bits
Cabinet Weight 5.2KG/Pieces
Brightness(Nits/㎡) 800nits
Average Power Consumption 100Watt/Pieces
Max Power Consumption 200Watt/Pieces
IP Protection IP43
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Working Voltage 100-240Volt(50-60hz)


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