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Waterpoof Outdoor LED Curtain Mesh

Waterpoof Outdoor LED Curtain Mesh

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Outdoor P16 P20 Full Color Led Mesh Video Screen Display Transparent Led Curtain Display

Panel Size:500*1000mm

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Waterpoof Outdoor LED Curtain Mesh Features: 1.Ultra-thin & ultra-light 2.Die casted AL cabinets, high precision with seamless splicing 3.Standard cabinet size: 500x500mm, convenient for area calculation 4.Highly effective & quick for transportation and screen assembling 5.SMD black light, wider viewing angle, high-contrast(5000:1),soft image 6.Special buckles structural connection between the cabinets,don’t need other tools 7.Cabinets are in common use for standard modules,shorten production cycle Technical advantages: Except for playing HD images, Eachinled transparent, well-lit & ever –thinner Legend series are perfect for large area installation and lighting decoration. 1. Transparency: Strip shape and hollow design ensure the ventilation and illumination 2. Slim&thin: 30%-60% lighter than traditional one, reduce the structure load and installation cost 3. Windload capacity: 35%-70% transparent rate varies with the pixel pitches,effectively reduces wind-drag 4. Great heat dissipation: aluminum material & unique heat dissipation design, separated power supply from light bars 5. Installation: It needs only 10 seconds to install or remove a cabinet without any tools; fool-proofing design, easy installation 6. Stability: separation design of light bars and power supply; high property components reduce output; consummate techniques ensure stability 7. Maintenance: both front& rear service, with only several screws to remove light bars 8. Package individual package of components,back rack & cabinet 9. Systematic solutions Combination of general &customized system 10. Power supply & signal:Individual package of components,back rack, cabinet 11. Energy-saving: Leading green technology 12. Additional design: Slot bracket on the back, keep the structure neat

High Brightness Outdoor Transparent LED Mesh Screen Specification
Item OM Series OM Series OM Series
Pixe Pictch 8.33mm-16.67mm 16.67mm-16.67mm 16.67mm-33.33mm
Scan Mode 1/16 Scan 1/8 Scan 1/6 Scan
Pixe Per Sq.m 7,200 Pixel 3,600 Pixel 1,800 Pixel
Transpparency 43% 70% 70%
Led encapsulation SMD3535 DIP345 DIP345
Module Size(W*H) 9.5*1000*11mm 9.5*1000*18mm 9.5*1000*18mm
Cabinet Weight 7.8KG 8.3KG 5.5KG
Maintenance Methods Front/Rear Serviceable
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 500*1000*60mm
Refresh Rate 1920hz-3840hz
Color Temperature 6000K ±500(Adjustable)
Grey Scale 14bits
Brightness(Nits/㎡) 6500-9000nits
Average Power Consumption 155Watt/㎡
Max Power Consumption 450Watt/㎡
IP Protection IP68
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Working Voltage 100-240Volt(50-60hz)

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