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P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall

P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall

Short Description:

  • Product Type: P5
  • Material: Die Casting Aluminum
  • Applications: Advertisement Multimedia
  • Features: Reliability
  • Size: 960mmx960mm

P5 Outdoor SMD Fixed Installation LED Video Wall  Pixel pitch 5mmPixel density(dots/㎡)40000LED encapsulationSMD2727Module Resolution64*32 Module size 320*160 Cabinet size(mm)960*960

Product Detail

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P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Video Wall


Competitive advantage in outdoor SMD design:

For DIP LED display, it has only 70° view angle. For SMD LED display, it has bigger view of 120°

Flexible design for both front and rear service:

There are both front and rear service for optional. Modules, power and cards can be take out from front or back.

If the brightness can be autamatically adjustable, it can save quite a lot of power. Besides, this can successfully avoid light pollution in the evening, which is for drivers and traffic.

More than 10000 nits high brightess makes it possible to be viewed even the LED displays face the direct sun!

Anti low temperature:

suitable for winter and cold areas like North European countries and Russia.

1. Die-cast aluminum cabinet, light weight,Fast lock for quick installation, only takes 10 seconds
2.Full frontal maintenance, direct wall mounting with high-precision led screen cabinet, extending service life
3.IP65 waterproof module, support front maintenance;
4. Common cathode power supply, reduce energy consumption;
5.High brightness and high contrast, clear viewing in outdoor bright environment;
6. Brilliant picture, vivid colors, stable picture quality, suitable for outdoor environment use.
7. Reduce operating costs,effectively extend led screen life

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen Specification
Item DOOH Series DOOH Series DOOH Series DOOH Series
Pixe Pictch 2.5mm 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
Led encapsulation SMD1415 SMD2727 SMD2727/SMD3535 SMD2727/SMD3535
Scan Mode 1/16 Scan 1/4 Scan 1/4 Scan 1/2 Scan
Pixe Per Sq.m 160,000 Pixel 22,500 Pixel 15,625 Pixel 10,000 Pixel
Module Size(W*H) 160*160mm 320*320mm 320*320mm/320*160mm 320*320mm/320*160mm
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 960*960mm 960*960mm 960*960mm 960*960mm
Cabinet Weight 45KG/Pieces 45KG/Pieces 45KG/Pieces 50KG/Pieces
Max Power Consumption 900Watt/㎡ 900Watt/㎡ 900Watt/㎡ 900Watt/㎡
Brightness(Nits/㎡) 5500Nits 6000Nits 6500Nits 7000Nits
Maintenance methods Rear/Front Serviceable
Cabinet Material Steel/Aluminun Option
Refresh Rate 1920hz-3840hz
Color temperature 6500K ±500(Adjustable)
Grey Scale 14-16bits
Average Power Consumption 500Watt/㎡
IP Protection IP65 Front/Rear
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Working Voltage 100-240Volt(50-60hz)

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